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Staff Contacts

Trailside Point staff contacts are below. Click on the staff member’s name to be directed to their class webpage if available.

Grade Level/ Area Name Email Address
Principal Ashley Grant
Assistant Principal Rachel Boyle
Secretary Dominique Peavey
Attendance  Clerk Elizabeth Arciniega
Health Associate Lexi Andazola
Counselor Sarah Steele
Psychologist Rachel Ralston
School Resource Officer Officer Brian Herrick
Kindergarten Ana Gutierrez
Kindergarten Shannon Haley
Kindergarten Breanna Lewis
Kindergarten Cierra Zelez
1st Grade Jackie Perez
1st Grade Grace Hammond
1st Grade Mackenzie Brown
1st Grade Brianna Ogaz
2nd Grade Kristin lobell
2nd Grade Maia Garcia
2nd Grade Eileen Nido
2nd Grade Malissa Iler
3rd Grade Erika Lotz
3rd Grade Anahi Gonzalez
3rd Grade Sherri Turnage
3rd Grade Tristan Henderson
4th Grade Demri Brouhard
4th Grade Lauren Barnes
4th Grade Ms. Shorter
4th Grade Brenda Martinez
5th Grade Theresa Dowling
5th Grade Alan Manka
5th Grade Ren Fahey
5th Grade Marley Saleh
6th Grade Jairo Ronquillo
6th Grade Chelsea Fiala
6th Grade Garrett Hesson
6th Grade Lamarian Daniels
7th Grade Social Studies Justin Plavic
7th Grade Science James Kinney
7th Grade Math Chrystal Davis
7th Grade Language Arts Eboni Odeneal
8th Grade Social Studies Anais McBride
8th Grade Science Andrea Slim
8th Grade Math Lynda Espino
8th Grade Language Arts Tashonda Ferguson
Art Meghan Winter
Gifted Allison Zuckerman
Library Jadwiga Marciszewska
Music Liz Valenzuela
Music Vacant
Music Michelle Phillips
PE K-8th Rob Iler
PE K-8th Scott MacMurdo
Theatre Mindy Tryon
Resource K-3 Anna Salguero
Resource 4-5 Jennifer Ruiz
Resource 6-8 Lindsey Callis
O.T. Veronica Lopez
P.T. Carolyn Apfelbach
COTA Victoria Ramirez
SPED  Self Contained Kali Bolt
SPED  Self Contained Lindsey Callis
SPED Self Contained Laura Walker
Speech Pathologist Danielle Wray